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About Us

We made Quick As for ourselves

We run a successful sourdough bakery and craft brewery and when the lockdown was announced we suddenly realised all of our wholesale business was going to disappear. We quickly pulled together a shop using the amazing Shopify platform and we launched to great success as people were stuck at home and wanted fresh bread and great beer. But we quickly realised the logistical nightmare of planning routes to get our products out there as fresh as possible. That's why we made Quick As.

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Why use Quick As

Whether you have started a Shopify store in order to sell your products during the lockdown or you run an established internet business, Quick.As can radically optimise the process of planning, packing and delivering your products

The headaches of local delivery

At first glance getting a few products out to your customers might seem like a simple task but it can quickly spiral out of control - especially if your business is successful. And to be honest - that's what you need it to be if you are going to make any money.

Why not just use a mobile app that plans routes?

The problem is getting the data into the apps on multiple devices and also the cost! Each driver needs to download and pay for (often using their personal account which needs to be refunded each month) the app and then needs to manually enter addresses into their phone - this can take up 30-45 minutes of their paid time. With Quick As this is all managed and paid for from Shopify and can even be automated so that once it's up and running noone needs to do anything!

How can Quick As help?

Quick As will take all of your orders (without any manual data entry) and optimize them into multiple delivery routes for your drivers. Furthermore it allows your drivers to access their route using their phone (no app install needed) and mark off each of their destinations. They continue to use the navigation app of their choice but they can mark off their route as they progress throught it which means you and your customers can get real-time updates about their delivery time. How many emails have you answered to customers asking for an estimated delivery time? Using Quick As you won't need to.

Sounds good, how can I try it?

Quick As is distributed via the Shopify App Store which means it's super simple to install and try out. We give a free trial period so that you can try it out before you buy.


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