How to play a game of Kahoot!

by Jamie Brooker • 4 years ago • 779504 views

This Quickcast shows how to play a game of Kahoot! in a room full of people with different devices:

  • Once you've created you Kahoot or have chosen a public one to play, press the purple play button

  • Choose your advanced settings and launch the Kahoot on the screen at the front of the room

  • On their personal devices, players can then join by going to in their web browser, and entering the pin displayed on the screen at the front of the room

  • They then enter their nickname, seeing it displayed at the front

  • They then use their device to answer each question, with the aim to get as many points as possible and get to the top of the leaderboard

  • The quiz master can then download the results of the quiz, seeing what each person in the room answered for each question, and how quickly.

To see a real life example of Kahoot! in action, go to:

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